Payment Portal

This site provides a secure and convenient payment portal for making online payments. Please ensure that you are paying the correct party and that you have the FULL NAME of the listed DEBTOR on the account as well as a valid CRM file number received from us.

If you do not know the full name of the DEBTOR and CRM file number on the account, please do not make a payment through this web site at this time. Instead, please Contact Us to obtain this information before returning to make the payment. Without the correct DEBTOR name we cannot credit your account with the payment you make on this site, which would result in a significant delay in processing of your payment.

When you provide us with your credit card’s account number, expiration date and security code, you authorize us to charge your credit card in the amount you have agreed upon. Please refer to the numbers on the back of your credit card to locate the security code.

Please fill out the form below to make a credit card payment.

Payment Information (* required fields)

Debtor Last Name (Company name if a business)*

Debtor First Name*

CRM File No*

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Payment ID (if known)

Creditor Name*

Credit Card Information

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Special Instructions

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By checking this box I authorize Capital Resource Management, Inc. to charge the credit card indicated in this web form for the noted amount. This payment is for credit to the name and file number noted. I understand this payment is a FINAL SALE and NON-REFUNDABLE. I certify that I am an authorized user of this credit card and that I will not dispute or chargeback this payment with my credit card company, so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms in this web form. If I do dispute or chargeback this payment then I will be responsible for the actual fees, costs and penalties associated with my dispute or chargeback of this payment plus a $10.00 processing fee. I have entered my full name in the box below as my electronic signature accepting the terms of this payment:

Please ensure all of the information you have entered is accurate. A confirmation of your payment request will be sent to the E-Mail address entered above.