Debt Collection Services

Debt Collection Services

Professional Debt Intermediary

Capital Resource Management Inc, was started as a counterpoint to the debt collection agency industry. Founded by a corporate attorney and a debt consolidation expert, CRM’s platform was premised on how they thought collections should be done.

Every aspect of the way CRM operates is different because today’s debt economy demands it. CRM is proud to stand apart as operationally and culturally distinct from other debt collection agencies and law firms.

Capital Resource Management Inc.

Respect is a key factor in how CRM operates. From the tone of our letters to the tone of our voice on the phone, we approach each account with a healthy dose of respect. Engaging rather than alienating a debtor at the outset results in higher settlement and payment opportunities.

Unlike CRM, most traditional debt collection agencies and law firms view your receivables like every other and apply cookie-cutter dunning letters and harassing phone calls that extinguish any chance of fostering a mediated settlement. Our goal at CRM is not only to get you your money but to also help preserve your customers and good reputation.

Let CRM be your professional debt collection intermediary between you and your customers as opposed to a third-party debt collector of last resort.

CRM was formed in 2011 by Laura Lowenstein, a corporate credit attorney, to challenge the standard debt collections industry model. With firsthand experience of legal clients unhappy with debt collection agencies that seemed to generate an abundance of consumer complaints but not much in the way of client revenue, she formed CRM to serve as a counterpoint to “business as usual” with an operational platform premised entirely upon how she thought debt collections should be done.

Every aspect of CRM’s debt collection practice is operationally and culturally distinct from most other debt collection agencies and law firms. For us, it all starts with paperwork and diligence. We work with our clients to help them implement the documentation needed for a valid debt account at the point of sale. Downstream debt collections from a client who understands the debt collection process in partnership with us result in exponentially higher debt collection success rates.

As a client of CRM, you become an integral part of our debt collections system. The diligence we do in cooperation with our clients enables us to collect better. When there are no gray areas with an account, the figures and facts will allow us to educate and engage a debtor from the outset in a manner that results in less alienation and higher settlement and payment opportunities. It is a compliant, secure and ethics-driven debt collections formula that has yielded a level of success that speaks for itself.

As a receivables partner, CRM serves as a strategic outsourcing collection services company for businesses that need to reduce their risk and increase their revenue. As a dual-certified WBE (multi-state and jurisdictional) and DBE (PANYNJ) company with an expanded footprint in the public sector, CRM has brought together a team to service some additional business management and consulting needs of our private and public sector clients.

Some of what we do includes:

  • Integrated Healthcare Billing Services for Out-of-Network Medical Providers;
  • Analysis and Filing of Independent Dispute Resolutions for our Medical Providers; and
  • General Revenue and Management Consulting with a focus on Subcontractor Oversight and MWBE Utilization.

As a corporate attorney, Laura has managed and worked in-house with several prestigious companies.  She saw firsthand the difference between mid-cap to large businesses that were run well and profitable and those that floundered even when all the right product elements seemed to be in place.

What she came to understand was that beyond legal soundness, structure and product was the importance of efficient strategic outsourcing.  Corporate, employee and/or overhead bloat were some of the consistently key indicators for businesses that eventually failed or failed to thrive.

Laura understood firsthand the value of smart outsourcing whether it be outsourcing debt collection needs to a debt collection agency, medical billing to a billing company, or legal needs to an outside law firm. And it is this understanding that has led to the continued expansion of CRM’s practice and services portfolio.

With a substantial footprint in the public sector and its WBE and DBE Certifications, CRM continues to prove itself as a professional, closely-held logistical partner for companies and medical providers that want smart outsourcing solutions for some of their most essential business and practice needs.

As a woman-owned business, CRM’s owner takes great pride in working with other MWBE providers and enterprises. To her, it is not just a stated marketing goal, but a corporate culture woven into the fabric of how CRM does business.

If interested in learning more about our MWBE practices or the possibility of partnering with CRM on a public sector contract, you are at the right place.